The Inspirational True Story of 'Evitchka'

Before World War II, there were two hundred Jewish children living in the small town of Humenné, Czechoslovakia. After the war, there were six, and little Eva “Evitchka” Ritter was one of them.

This is a testament to the resiliency of her parents: her father, Laci, who endured the horrors of a string of concentration camps, and her mother, Olga, who was left alone to care for her toddler daughter in hiding,

It is also thanks in no small part to the bravery of a young Catholic couple from Bratislava, who risked their lives to keep Olga, her sister-in-law Munci, and little Evitchka out of the hands of the Nazis.

“Evitchka: A True Story of Survival, Hope and Love” recounts the horrors that the Ritter family endured during the Holocaust, but the story doesn’t end there. 

Lovingly co-written by Eva’s lucky husband of 61 years, Lawrence P. Levitt, “Evitchka” goes on to depict the obstacles the family faced as Larry and Eva married and started a family – Larry’s struggles through medical school and raising a special needs son among them.

It also explores the lasting impact the Ritter family’s Holocaust experience had on the Levitt family and the incredible way their journey came full circle.